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How to tell a pretty good videographer from a really great videographer apart?

Throughout New England, couples today have a wonderful selection of wedding videographers. How do you select just one videography team to work with from so many great options? How do you tell a pretty good videographer to a luxury videographer apart?

Consider these themes and skills when you research wedding videography portfolios:

1. Light – Light is the key to all great photography and videography. In a videographer’s portfolio, couples should see multiple clips with not only even lighting –because that’s the least a videographer should show but also magical lighting from unique sources such as candlelight, sunsets,  ambient light, churches, and ballrooms. The best video teams control the light from your wedding day. It does not just happen To them. It makes sense, right!  

2. Sound – An experienced wedding videographer captures clear toasts with ceremonies and vows. Great videographers capture other great sounds well to remember your wedding day. If the sound is not really a “lead character” in a videography portfolio, it may be due to a lack of equipment or lack of audio knowledge from the team.

3. Music – A great videography portfolio should offer not just one music clip. Set to several couple’s weddings but a variety of music options and styles so that you can customize what might work for your final edited wedding film. The right music vibe goes a long way to match the pace of your final wedding film. 
That covers the basics of wedding videography. Couples should always hire videographers who have these core skills with various clips from different styles and locations of weddings to view online or in a portfolio.
But these are just the basics now for the more advanced filmmakers. 

4. Storytelling – storytelling is actually both an art and science in film and videography. The most experienced, hirable wedding videographers are ones that have the camera and audio skills with all of the customer service skills so worked out between their team on a wedding day that they are truly engineering a story on your behalf the entire time. How do you tell if your filmmaker or wedding videographer has storytelling ability? Watch their portfolio. Chances are you don’t know the couple in the film, but you find yourself rooting for them…. you are interested, intrigued, or happy for that couple. With just the pretty good portfolios, you’ll watch the top film and then get bored — hurry up, already toss the bouquet —I don’t care anymore. A great filmmaker keeps you captivated whether you know the couple or not from start to finish. 

5. Cinema Ahhhh, the cinema of a wedding! Drama, please! With the wedding film, you do want to see the excitement build. You want to see shots pull in and out and reach from high to low.  Emotions go from interest to excitement and then from Joyous to romantic. This is where an amazing videographer takes all the above skills of lighting, sound, music, and their storytelling and editing abilities to create one final magical heirloom piece of your wedding.

Take a good look at each of the wedding videographers is portfolios that you are researching. When you review the skills one by one, you can tell the difference between the videographer that’s OK to the amazing videographer. 

(Notice, for this post– we did not go into equipment. All solid videographers have a lot of gear, backup gear, and specialty gear. Ask the question, but we’re really discussing style in final films in this post.)

With well over a decade of professional, high-end luxury wedding experience Media Northeast excels at film making. Our portfolio is one of the best in all of New England. Our clips are online for you today to judge and get a good feeling about who we are and the high-quality video we produce. 
Please take a look at our portfolio.

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