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New Media Northeast Wedding Website

It’s Here! Media Northeast is pleased to announce our brand new wedding website to kick off the New Year.

Our New England weddings-only website will launch soon at URL This videography site will replace our existing wedding portfolio page — currently found at

Why the change?

Our video production and wedding videography and services are both expanding. Each deserves a focused website to serve our clients in the coming years better. Our wedding videography clients will find wedding information, testimonials, services, idea, and investment information faster. Our video production clients will stay here to see more focused thoughts on marketing, branding, statics to support their needs. It’s a win-win.

Maine videographer

Will MNE’s wedding videography services change?

In short, no. Media Northeast is always improving. Each year we add more experience to our team, more skills to work, and of course, new and advanced equipment for our crew to improve upon existing services. This year is no exception. However, this new website won’t change what you already know and love about Media Northeast — our drive to produce cinematic, storytelling films. Now, we’ll have a dedicated and beautiful space — just for our wedding work.

No matter how we grow, we’re the same company run by the same family. No change there. 

Check Your Date

Media Northeast takes a limited number of weddings per year. And, we tend to book fast. Ready to check your wedding date with our availability and learn more about our exclusive offer? We love to chat with you.